What is PET plastic? Materials PETE – PETP- Polyethylene terephthalate

While you are reading this article, you must be learning about plastic, the composition of plastic. Or learn about the process, chemicals in pet plastic … So what is PET or PETP, let’s explore with Hoang Phat Plastic below..!

Nhựa PET là gì, thành phần và tác dụng của nhựa pet
What is PET resin, the composition and effect of the pet resin

What is PET plastic ?

PET plastic is the abbreviation of the word polyethylene terephthalate, also known with abbreviations such as: PETE, PETP, PET-P.

Pet resin is a polyester-based thermoplastic that is one of the most common plastics. Used in the manufacture of silk, or utensils for foods and beverages.

Normally, PET has transparent color, clear white, can be mixed depending on the needs of each product.

In terms of production methods, PET plastic is also simpler than some other plastics. That is creating embryos and blowing samples of pet plastic products according to the sample.

Conclusion: PET resin is a transparent, polyester based plastic. The full English name is polyethylene terephthalate, which is used to produce household appliances, beverage containers, food…

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Composition and properties of PET plastic

In terms of composition when producing pet resin, the main ingredient is Polyester. In addition, some additives, or higher hardeners can be added to create the hardness.

Characteristics of PET plastic: Highly resistant, moisture resistant and waterproof. Resistant to heat at -90ºC and temperature at 100ºC, PET cannot be changed.

Transparent resin, produced by smelting and blowing on a pattern. No abrasion, deformation or impact from common food or drinking water.

Very good waterproofing CO2 and O2, with high gloss. Therefore, when cleaning the surface of plastic products, it is also very easy to limit the stains on the surface of plastic products.

But some PET plastic products, often deformed at high temperatures. Use should also be noted, for example pet plastic bottles can shrink when hot water to about 80ºC.

Application of PET plastic

PET plastic is a material that is used a lot in everyday life. Including civil and industrial purposes.

Industry can be mentioned is the production of synthetic fibers, fibers used for apparel. The clothes we wear, we use every day or raincoats are also made from PET.

Household and industrial appliances include: plastic bottles, pet plastic bottles, plastic jars, straws…

Examples of plastic bottles are: Use plastic bottles to hold carbonated drinks and soft drinks. Use plastic bottles for juice, drinking water, milk tea…

Or plastic jars, pet plastic containers, including plastic food and drink containers. Plastic packaging, food packaging, chemical storage…

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Advantages of PET plastic

There are many advantages to PET plastic compared to other plastics, or other common plastic materials such as:

  • As a transparent plastic, one can see the material inside the plastic.
  • PET plastic is very light, durable, the product creates high aesthetics.
  • Has good elasticity, good protection of materials such as carbonated beverages, does not leak air out.
  • The production of pet plastic products is also low cost so it saves a lot of costs.
  • Can be recycled to make other products, so after use it can be recovered to recycle new products.
  • In addition, some pet plastic products can be deformed at high temperatures. So when using it should be noted the temperature, as well as some chemicals that cause chemical reactions.

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