What is ABS plastic ? Is ABS material good, safe to use ?

Have you ever seen an ABS logo on plastic, or a certain plastic product. And wonder, what is ABS plastic, what is ABS material.

Or there are times when you are choosing to buy plastic products, utensils, plastic items … But you do not know what kind of plastic it is, what material.

And in this article, Hoang Phat Plastic will explain and clearly analyze what ABS plastic is right below. If you are learning more about plastic, you can refer to the article: What is Plastic..?

Nhựa ABS là gì, tìm hiểu về chất liệu abs
What is ABS plastic, learn about ABS material

What is ABS plastic?

ABS whose full name is Acrylonitrin Butadien Styrene, is a tough, but not brittle plastic. Has a long tolerance to normal temperatures, as well as is not subject to deformation and chemical reactions.

ABS resin has the chemical formula of C8H8 · C4H6 · C3H3N, belonging to the primary resin line. Plastic has good hardness, toughness, no abrasion.

And especially moisture resistance, waterproof, very good heat insulation, diverse designs. So now on the market is very popular, and used a lot.

Properties and structure of ABS plastic

Regarding the properties of ABS plastic, the first is its ability to resist water and moisture. ABS material is waterproof, air-permeable.

Has good chemical resistance, minimizes acid problems, or chemical abrasion. And almost no chemical reaction, when in contact with ordinary materials.

Bearing, abrasion resistance, good hardness, not broken, torn. ABS plastic products are hardly susceptible to deformation and shape change due to external impact.

As a very light material, compared to materials such as wood, iron, steel, glass … ABS material is very light, used for interior technology, very suitable.

Very good insulating, non-conductive and heat insulation. Product surface is smooth, easy to scratch, abrasion.

When in normal environment, ABS plastic is very safe, not harmful to humans. Only when burned, or used some kind of chemical reaction can be harmful.

Currently on the market there are many products and utensils made from ABS plastic. So the product design is diverse, there are many choices for everyone, the price is also very suitable.

Disadvantages: In addition to the above advantages, ABS plastic also has the disadvantage of being quickly damaged if left outdoors. Not resistant to fire, when burned into black smoke, toxic and environmental pollution.

==> Besides ABS, there are also many types of plastic used on the market. You can see more: What is PET plastic ? What is PP plastic ? What is PVC ?

ABS plastic application

In daily life, we use a lot of ABS plastic products and utensils, including:

  • Household plastic goods: Blender cover, electrical outlet, computer monitor cover, television.
  • Industrial goods: Used to make covers of cars, motorcycles, motorbikes and cars.
  • Packaging applications: Making special boxes, high quality containers, helmets.
  • Children’s toys: Used to make toys for children, product manufacturers need to ensure safety for users.
  • Suitcase processing: Used to create high-class suitcases, bags and backpacks. Or product lines for packaging and packaging for high-end products.
  • Construction: Application for all kinds of wind doors, partitions or ceilings. Due to its water and moisture resistance properties, it is suitable for use in locations with high humidity.

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