What is plastic ? The composition of the resin, the origin of the resin and the resins

What is plastic, what types of plastic are there, the ingredients in the plastic, the origin of the plastic … Answer the questions what is plastic, what are the ingredients..?

Currently there are plastics such as: thermoplastic, thermoplastic, elastic, pet plastic, pp plastic, pvc, polypropylene. Primary resins, pe, upvc, acrylic, as, tpu, pom, composite, ps, bakelit, san, eva. Plastic hip, ptfe, pla, hard plastic, gpps, polymers, pbt, compound, polyester, peek, pa66, acetate, hd, xlpe, polyurethane…

Nhựa là gì, plastic là gì, thành phần của nhựa
The composition of the resin, the origin of the resin and the resins

What is plastic?

Plastics are molecular compounds. Plastic material has very good elasticity and expansion properties.

Depending on the type of plastic, the composition in the plastic that plastic products have high or low plasticity. Some plastics melt at a normal hot temperature, others melt at a high temperature.

Plastic is used to create civil products, used in daily life. As well as creating products for industry, applications in factories, or large projects …

Almost all resins are derived from natural ingredients, extracted from nature. For example from latex, or sap, or from eggs and proteins in the blood.

Conclusion to the question of what plastic is: Plastic is derived from the Greek word “plastikos”, meaning suitable for molding. It refers to flexible materials, suitable for creating patterned items.

Composition of plastic

In the world today there are many types of plastic, and each type of plastic has main and secondary components. Main ingredients include organic polymers, combined with carbon, oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen …

Depending on the type of plastic that will have different plastic components, different plastic materials. Most plastics, when manufactured, are used by smelting or by chemical reaction.

There are plastics that can be recycled, melted down, and made into new products. But there are also products that cannot be recycled, used only once.

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Common types of plastic

Based on the differentiation of plastics, thermoplastics are classified into three main categories: thermoplastics, thermoplastics and elastomers.

  1. Thermoplastic: is a plastic that is melted, pressed according to the existing mold and will harden when no longer affected by temperature. This plastic can be recycled, reused and used over and over again.
  2. Thermosetting resin: A plastic that is subjected to chemical or temperature reactions that cause a molecular compound to turn into a 3-dimensional space. But this plastic, after being formed, products will not melt as they were, and cannot be recycled and used.
  3. Elastic plastic: Are products made from plastic such as rubber, balloons…

Based on application, as well as human application needs, plastic is created with many different types such as: pp plastic, pet plastic, pvc, gpps, san…

Plastic application

In everyday life, plastic is used for many different purposes. And almost all products, applications, are made of plastic.

Examples are clothing, packaging, plastic bags, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, plastic bottles. Industrial plastic materials such as pvc, high-grade plastic pipes …

However, plastics have a long decomposition time, sometimes up to a few hundred years to thousands of years. So the use of plastic for the right purpose and environmental protection is very necessary.

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