What is PVC ? What is UPVC sheet ? The material is made up of Polyvinyl Chloride resin

In everyday life, we often hear about PVC, or UPVC plastic. Especially plastic sheets, pvc-u pipes…

So what is PVC, or what is UPVC ..? Please see this article, to better understand this plastic material..!

Nhựa PVC là gì, nhựa upvc là gì, ứng dụng của nhựa pvc
What is PVC, what is upvc plastic, what is the application of the pvc resin

What is PVC..?

PVC, also known as PVC, is an industrial plastic with the oldest history. The full name is called Polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC.

PVC is created in the vinyl chloride process after exposure to sunlight, or is used by some chemical reaction method.

Or you can say Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a white powder, or a tablet. This powder is usually not tough, flexible, or hard, but it has to be added with additives.

Conclusion: PVC is a plastic made of Polyvinyl chloride material. This plastic is not toxic, but adding some additives can be toxic.

And made from hard and flexible pvc products. Applications abound in everyday life, including for home and industrial appliances.

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What is UPVC plastic ?

The uPVC resin is the next generation of PVC resin, basically these two resins are made from Polyvinyl chloride. PVC is usually just hard, while upvc plastic is tough.

In addition, uPVC plastic is also highly durable, difficult to wear, hard to break, and less toxic. Should be used in industry.

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PVC application

Thanks to many outstanding advantages of PVC, this plastic is very popular. Currently, PVC is used a lot in life.

Include: Made of pipes, include clean water pipes, sewage pipes. Used as a plastic pipe to conduct electrical wires.

Create high-quality plastic products such as wire, hard plastic film for wire. Household appliances, electronic equipment.

Used as recreational toys, sports goods, children’s toys, items such as plastic bottles, plastic cups …

Or you can make ceilings, plastic ceilings, plastic floors, and pvc panels as wallpaper. Use waterproof and moisture-proof locations, such as boat interiors, billboards.

PVC chemical advantages

It is not natural that PVC is so popular, but because there are many outstanding advantages, as well as the benefits that this plastic brings, including:

  • Use very safe, non-toxic, if there is a toxic additive when manufacturing pvc products.
  • High strength, very good impact resistance, limited fracture, dented, abrasion.
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, undamaged while in water, so it is often used as a water pipe fixture.
  • This plastic has very good thermal, flame retardant and moisture resistance properties.
  • Easy to clean, the surface is shiny, smooth, so the adhesion is very little, so the preservation and cleaning are also very simple.
  • Diverse colors, creating many different colors, combining many beautiful patterns.
  • Applied in interior design is very beautiful, light, suitable for all spaces of the house.
  • But also depending on the manufacturer’s choice of additives, PVC products can be toxic.

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