Plastic processing on request, the company produces plastic according to the available form

The company specializes in manufacturing plastic products, processing plastic on request, manufacturing all kinds of plastic products according to available samples. Factory processing plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic jars, plastic jars, civil and industrial plastic products, processing colored plastic, pet plastic, pp plastic …

With many years of operation in the field of plastic production, processing of plastic products, plastic items. Hoang Phat is a company specializing in processing and manufacturing plastic on demand, designing new product models… With top quality and reputable services in the Vietnamese market and the world.

Gia công nhựa theo yêu cầu, sản xuất nhựa theo mẫu sẳn
Plastic processing on request, producing plastic according to available form

Plastic processing on demand is..?

Processing or manufacturing, creating customized plastic products, as accessories, components, products… according to your requirements.

We will supply high quality plastic resins, plastic injection molding machine, blow molding machine. Or design samples, make molds, create your own designs.

If you already have plastic materials and supplies to process and create plastic products. We accept labor injection, provide plastic injection machine, and blow plastic.

Producing plastic bottles on request

Hoang Phat Plastic processes and produces custom plastic bottles, main products such as pet plastic bottles, pp plastic bottles, plastic water bottles.

Production of plastic bottles for fruit juice, flower bottles, household goods Make plastic jars, cans, and plastic bottles from small to large.

Processing plastic bottles, plastic bottles for medicine, bottles for chemicals. Specializing in providing plastic bottles for essential oils, cosmetic bottles, cream jars, ice cream tubes.

The company produces and distributes high quality plastic jars, plastic spice jars, home appliances. Making plastic wine jars for wine, high quality plastic bottles.

==> You can refer to samples of plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic jars… You can refer to more beautiful, high-end, cheap plastic bottles that we have ever produced.

Processing plastic boxes as required

Besides plastic bottle injection and plastic bottle blowing services, we also manufacture plastic containers. Processing products plastic boxes, plastic jars, round, square, rectangular boxes…

Construction of pet plastic boxes, pp plastic boxes… Making plastic boxes, plastic packaging for confectionery, food and drinks, water…

Industrial and civil plastic processing

Processing household plastic products such as cups, plates, plastic cups, plastic screens, home appliances.

Processing industrial plastic products: Including plastic pipes, large plastic jars, plastic cans, plastic products in factories…

Plastic processing reception process

  1. Customers contact us, our company can receive requests and advise on products to be processed.
  2. The two sides exchange and agree on the price, method, form, and construction time.
  3. Contract signing, processing, manufacturing and payment.
  4. After the two parties fulfill their obligations and work in the contract, liquidate the contract.
  5. For further advice and information, please contact 0901 107 132.