What is PP plastic? What is polypropylene? PP plastic properties

Currently on the market there are many plastic products, including civil and industrial goods. Depending on the intended use, different plastics will be used for different products.

Including PET, PP, PC plastic, ABS plastic, PE plastic… And many other plastics, and in this article, Hoang Phat Plastic will explain to you what PP is..?

Nhựa PP là gì, polypropylene là gì, tính chất của nhựa pp
What is PP plastic, what is Polypropylene, properties of pp plastic

What is PP (polypropylene)?

PP plastic is the abbreviation of the word Polypropylene, is a material derived from Polymer. Belongs to a thermoplastic resin, is the polymerization of Propylene.

This plastic has the scientific name: Poly (1-metylethylene). Also known by a number of other names such as: Polypropylene, Polypropene, Polipropene 25 [USAN]. Propene polymers, propylene polymers, 1-Propene homopolymers.

Is a primary plastic, created from petroleum distillation. Pure resin, white transparent, odorless, tasteless.

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Properties of PP plastic

PP plastic has high mechanical strength, is a plastic with tear strength. This plastic is quite hard, not flexible and elastic like some other plastics.

But in cases where the product is broken, or torn, it is very easy to tear. So this plastic material is often produced into fibers, into beads, before being processed into civil products.

The original pp tablet is transparent, odorless, when lit in a blue flame. When burned, plastic flows out in the flow, smells bad, plastic flows out like rubber.

Basically: PP plastic has very good thermal, moisture and water resistance properties. Chemical resistance, limiting chemical reactions with many chemicals.

High grade: Has good deformation resistance, used electrical insulation. In addition, plastic also creates a transparent product, see through this PP plastic layer.

Is PP plastic toxic?

When choosing for yourself products and utensils for daily life. After that, we are very concerned about the quality as well as the safety of the products.

Also for PP plastic products, whether toxic or not is something that anyone should be concerned about.

Primary PP resin is colorless, odorless, tasteless and harmless. But when making plastic products, manufacturers often add additives. Whether these plastic products are toxic or not is up to the manufacturer.

Application of PP plastic resins

Today’s PP plastic beads are used a lot in life, with many household items. As well as making industrial goods, industrial appliances.

In industry, pp is used as valves and battery covers. Used for car, motorbike, and electrical insulation equipment shell.

Civil pp plastic products such as: baby bottles, children’s toys, food containers. Medical product, or food packaging.

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Advantages of polypropylene plastic

PP plastic products have high durability in normal temperature environment, low production cost.

Good resistance to moisture, water repellency, air release and CO2. Insulation, electrical insulation, chemical reaction limitation, good chemical resistance.

Anti-abrasion, good impact resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean. Can be used to recycle or recreate new products.

PP plastic products are cheap, so it is very suitable for civil needs. It is one of the popular products, which are used frequently in life.

In addition, this plastic has the disadvantage of being easily ignited, if left outside, it will quickly become damaged, brittle, easily oxidized…

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