What is virgin plastic, the use of recycled plastic and virgin plastic

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What is virgin plastic resins ?

Primary plastic is a plastic filtered from petroleum, the original plastic is milky white, slightly clear.

This plastic is filtered out most impurities, completely different substances. 99.99% is pure plastic, just like 9999 gold.

As a primary plastic that is flexible, tough, has high elasticity, has never been used. Used the distillation method, to separate from the synthetic substances in petroleum.

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Nhựa nguyên sinh là gì, ứng dụng và khái niệm nhựa nguyên sinh
What is virgin plastic, application and concept of virgin plastic

What is recycled plastic ?

Recycled plastic is a type of plastic that is recycled many times. Including recycling from plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic cups, plastic jars.

Recycled plastic is recycled from virgin plastic, virgin plastic products. Either recycled from recycled plastic, or recycled from itself over and over again.

Examples are plastic bottles, plastic bottles for soft drinks and drinking water. Once used, they are collected and recycled into plastic pellets, which are recycled to make plastic products.

What is virgin plastic used for ?

In everyday life, virgin plastic is used a lot. And the cost is always higher than the recycled plastics, which are used to make high-end products.

Primary plastic products are used to make food and beverage products. Used to make products such as plastic bottles for drinking water, plastic bottles for alcohol.

Used as soft drink bottle, mineral water bottle, purified water. Create plastic products for milk tea, used as food containers, food containers …

Is virgin plastic toxic ?

Primary plastic resins are plastic extracted from petroleum. The product is completely non-toxic, tasteless, white and transparent.

This plastic is completely free from BPA, or other harmful substances. But when making the product, the colorant, or the additive can contain harmful substances.

Currently on the market plastic products used to store food and drinks. Most manufacturing companies meet the needs for safety and safety when using products so you can be completely assured.

Classification of primary plastic

Currently, on the market there are many types of virgin plastic, pure plastic line. Almost all are transparent white, opaque white and some are opaque white.

Common primary plastic lines: PET, PP, ABS, PVC, PC, LDPE, POM, PMMA, HIPS…

Some popular primary plastic lines such as:

Primary PP plastic

Primary PP plastic resins are plastic used to make plastic bottles, plastic food containers, food. Use soft drinks, drinks, because of its high safety.

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Primary PET resin

Primary PET, or PETE, PETP, is a very popular plastic.PET plastic products are the most commonly used plastic, used to make plastic bottles, plastic jars, everyday plastic jars…

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Primary PE resin

Primary PE plastic, also known as polyethylene, is the plastic used to make gas pipes. Or make rubber gloves, electric cable sheaths, high plasticity … PE plastic is classified into many types, depending on the application or product, the manufacturer will choose the right plastic.

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Primary ABS resin

Primary ABS plastic is the type of plastic made of motorcycle shell products, latex insurance. Or used to make car tires, electronic components, because of high hardness, less regeneration.

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Primary PVC resin

PVC or UPVC plastic is also a very popular plastic, used to make plumbing products. Because plastic has high strength, toughness, good impact resistance, it is often used as the shell of water pipes, wire pipes…

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